Are you struggling to constantly stay upwind when kiteboarding? Staying upwind can be challenging at first. Correcting your body position as well as the position of your kite can help a lot. Once you know all those tricks you should learn how to kiteboard upwind in no time.
Here are some tips on how to kiteboard upwind.
If you are wondering how to kiteboard upwind, the first thing you should work on is having a good body position. First, you want to lean back. You should be feeling all the power of the kite is your harness, and not in the bar. To make sure you lean back correctly, you should bring your butt in and shoulders out. Also, you want to bend your back leg and put most of your weight on it, and your front leg should be straight. You can also slightly turn your hips forward and that should help bending you back leg and strengthen your front leg.

To be able to ride upwind, you want to edge hard with your board. Lean back, feel the power of the kite in your harness, and push hard with your heels. Doing that should help you to edge hard.
The next step in how to kiteboard upwind is to turn your board in the direction where you want to go. But be careful not to turn your board too much upwind as this will have as result to slow you down or even stop you. A trick to find the perfect angle of your board is to push hard with your back heal and lift your front toes. This is the trick that should help you the most in kiteboarding upwind.
One last trick is to keep your kite high. If you keep your kite low, it is more likely to be pulling you downwind. So if you keep your kite high, it should make your life easier at first to stay constantly upwind.