Groupon is an amazing place to find deals on different activities and adventures in your hometown or on your vacation. If you are in Vancouver, Squamish or Whistler you will likely come across the Aerial Kiteboarding crash course voucher. This is an amazing experience and an incredible way to try out the sport without breaking the bank!
The course will begin as soon as you book in for your lessons using your groupon voucher code with a 1 hour introductory video which you can watch at home. This will go through all the theory so your instructor doesn’t have to go through it during your on-water lesson time. You can watch it as many times as necessary in order to understand the concepts covered. The video is password protected but you will receive the password with the course.

You are asked to show up 30 minutes early for your scheduled lesson time with your groupon voucher in order to get suited and ready before your lesson starts. There is 5% tax that needs to be paid and a $25 wetsuit rental fee if you need one. Wetsuits need to be 5mm or thicker.
Once you are suited and ready you will go in a group of 3-4 with an instructor for 3 hours of water time. You will first learn how to fly the kite while it is hooked into the boat. Once you have good kite control from the boat you will go in the water and learn how to pull yourself left and right and eventually move on to body dragging (the power move).
Once you have mastered the power move you will get to try to get up on the board. Usually in the crash course everyone gets a chance to try on the board!
After the lesson you can come back to the shop and enjoy a hot shower and hot tub facilities. If you want to come back again, you can speak with the shop staff about private or semi-private lessons. After the first time it doesn’t make sense to do the the groupon voucher course again as it will be a beginner course every time.
If you have bought a second groupon voucher you can use the price you paid towards a private or semi-private lesson. Get in touch with us if you would like to get out on the crash course!