You are in Squamish for a couple of days and you are looking for something to do? Stop searching, come see us at Aerial Kiteboarding and we will bring you out there for some kitesurf lessons! There is no better feeling than kiteboarding on a windy day. If you never had the chance to try it, you should definitely come see us for some kitesurf lessons. The best and cheapest way to get into kiteboarding is the crash course. For as low as $135 per person, you will have a 4 hour lessons!
After the crash course, you can continue your progression with some private or semi private lessons.


The crash course is the best way to get into kiteboarding. The first hour of the course is a video for you to watch at home prior to your lesson. Then, we will bring you out there for 3h on the water. You can either do a crash course in a group of maximum 4 people, in a pair, or one on one with your instructor. The goal of the crash course is to give you as much information in those 4 hours so you can have a feeling of what kiteboarding really is. You will even get the chance to try to stand up on the board! After the crash course, you can progression in the sport with some private or semi private kitesurf lessons.


Private lessons are the best way to learn if you want to progress fast. You will be one on one with your instructor, so he will give you 100% of his attention. You will be up and riding in no time!

Get amazing Kitesurf lessons with the Aerial Kiteboarding School, Squamish Watersports Ltd


Semi private lessons are great if you want to learn with a friend or in a couple. Learn how to kiteboard while having lots of fun with your partner!