There is no better feeling than being out kite boarding on a windy day. If you never had the chance to try the sport, you should definitely do it! When having strong wind, it is much easier to learn. The kite will move much faster and respond to all your commands. When kite boarding in light wind, you have to be more technical in the way that you steer the kite. When taking a lesson in light wind, it can sometimes get really frustrating as you have the feeling of losing your time since the kite is hard to keep in the air.
Even if it is frustrating and you don’t have the feeling that you are learning anything, you can actually get a lot out of a light wind lesson. You will develop technical skills on how to control the kite and you will be able to kite board anywhere in any conditions once you have mastered kiteboarding in light winds.
Learning how to kite board in light wind will allow you to develop your technical skills. In light wind, your kite will respond differently and you have to be really more technical in the way that you are steering it. For that reason, it can be really frustrating when having trouble keeping the kite in the air. When taking a lesson in light wind, your instructor will be able to spend some time with you and to explain you what to do differently. It will help you a lot to understand how to steer your kite in light wind conditions.

Once you have mastered kite boarding in light wind conditions, you will be able to go out anywhere, in any conditions. When the wind is blowing 12 knots, you will be the only one in the water and enjoy the spot for yourself!