If you are searching for “kite shops near me” in Squamish BC you will find our store located in downtown Squamish. Aerial Kiteboarding/Squamish Watersports is the same shop and is the only kiteboarding store in Squamish. We offer a variety of services including gear sales, repairs, rentals, lessons and more!
At Aerial Kiteboarding/Squamish Watersports we have some of the most highly qualified instructors in the world who continue to train and develop their skills to make sure we are offering the highest quality lessons possible.
All lessons are boat supervised offering the safest and most progressive lessons possible as the instructors is right next to you through your whole progression instead of being miles away on the beach. We offer all types of lessons including beginner, advanced and foil lessons!
If you make it all the way to Squamish and don’t have the right kite size, didn’t bring your gear or are just looking to try something new, we are here for you! You can find the address by searching for “kites shops near me”. You will see two locations on the map- you need to head to the downtown location.
Our gear rentals include 2 kites so you are able to change if the wind gets stronger, bar, board, harness, wetsuit, boots and life jacket if you’d like one. Rentals can be picked up at the shop and dropped back at the shop at the end of the day. We do have a trailer at the spit, though we don’t always have someone there so if you’d like to pick up the gear there you need to call first.

We do all types of repairs including bladder repairs, canopy rips, pinholes, line checks, wetsuit repairs. If you can break it, we can fix it! While your gear is in for repair we will lend you the same piece of gear/ same size kite so you can still get out on the water while we fix yours.
Our kite shop offers new and used gear sales. You can find anything you need to get out on the water including wetsuits, boots, gloves, kites, bars, boards and more!
After your lesson or session out on the Howe Sound, stop by and have a hot shower and hot tub. Just search “kite shops near me” from the spit and it will take you directly downtown. Come to Squamish and check out Aerial Kite shops near me!