Once you have begun your kiteboarding lessons and are ready to start purchasing some gear you are probably trying to decide if you should buy new or kiteboarding gear used. There are benefits of both though if you are going to buy it used there are things to look out for to ensure you are purchasing gear that will last. Here are the things you should check before buying kiteboarding gear used.
There are many things to check for on the kite itself to ensure that it’s going to work well. First you should always pump the kite and leave it inflated- for a couple hours if possible- to make sure that it holds air. Once the kite is inflated you can go underneath and check the canopy. When you are underneath and look up you be able to clearly see if there are any small pinholes as the sun will be shining through. The more crispy the canopy the better the quality.
You should also look for any repairs done and whether they are holding well and they have been properly. Finding out where the used kiteboarding gear has been used is also an important consideration. For example a kite that has been used at the beach has likely been sitting on the sand for long periods of time. This damages the canopy quite quickly. The kites also likely have lots of sand in the bladder which can create holes almost impossible to find and fix. Kites which are sold in Squamish have likely never touched the sand and are never left in the sun so likely they are in great condition.
Checking the bar is also very important. Be sure that when you hit the eject the kite flags onto one line tension. Older bars don’t have this kind of safety system which is not 100% safe. Another thing to check on the bar is the lines. The lines should not be fraying and the bar handle should not be peeling apart. Be sure to check the pigtails to make sure they are in good condition. If all of these things are good, the bar should be good to go!
Boards are one of the best and easiest pieces of kiteboarding gear used to buy. Make sure that the outside of the board has not been dented or dinged up- a few scratches here and there is no problem. Make sure the footstraps can adjust and that the velcro still works. Make sure all the fins can be tightened so the screw don’t fall off and the board is good to go!
The most important part of the harness is that it fits correctly. Otherwise you want to look and be sure that it is not falling apart and the velcro and the straps tighten properly. It is always a bonus when the harness comes with a leash!
If there is any part of your set-up that you don’t want to buy kiteboarding used it is a wetsuit! Wetsuits are fairly cheap as it is and the last thing you want to do is buy a wetsuit that has been sweated and peed in by someone or multiple other people!
We hope this helps in your decision to purchase kiteboarding gear used. You are always safer to buy new gear as it will be under warranty but you can also find some great used stuff out there!