Vancouver’s coast line where the snow capped mountains meet the ocean is one of the most magnificent sights in the world. Taking out SUP rentals Vancouver is an amazing way to see the sights from a new angle, instead of standing on the beach looking out at the ocean you will be out on the ocean looking back on the breathtaking city with a backdrop of towering mountains.

There are many SUP rentals Vancouver and so many places to explore, here are some ideas:


Deep Cove is an amazing place to take your SUP rentals Vancouver and you can even rent them there. Here you have access to Indian Arm, a paddlers paradise, which is a sheltered inlet meaning. The wind doesn’t affect it like it does the ocean and paddling is easy and relaxing. This area is very scenic and an amazing way to get into nature even though you are just minutes from the city. Deep cove also has a charming town with restaurants, cafes, shops and ice cream!


If you are interested in looking at beautiful boats, then False Creek is the place to take you SUP rentals Vancouver. This is not really a great place to swim but you will be amazed by all the luxurious yachts coming in and out. This is a popular place for boats to anchor because it is flat and calm, making it also great for paddling. Make sure to keep an eye out for the boats coming in and out so you can stay out of their way.


These are three main beaches that are also suitable for bringing your SUP rentals Vancouver. There are not many waves here but it can get quite choppy when the wind picks up. These beaches are best in the early morning or late evening before it gets choppy and at a high tide so you don’t have to walk to far on the rocks or in the mud to get to the water.


If you are looking for more of an adventure, take your SUP rentals Vancouver up to Squamish or rent one there. You can explore the Squamish estuary- an amazing place to view different kinds of birds, fish, insects and even bears! You can take your SUP into the Squamish River and float all the way down to the Howe Sound, this is a favourite from the staff at Squamish Watersports.

A more relaxing experience would be taking your SUP rentals Vancouver to one of the many lakes around Squamish or Whistler including Alice Lake, Brohm Lake, Levette Lake, Alpha Lake, Alta Lake, Green Lake and many, many more!

Paddle boarding is a super fun summer activity for the whole family. Even the uncoordinated can have a good time just balancing on their knees. Our SUP’s are inflatable and fit into any car, so please get in touch if you would like to get out!