As the Capital of the beautiful province of British Columbia, Victoria has so much to offer. With its coastline views and ample parkland, Victoria is known for its vast outdoor activities. With long coastal beaches and common sea breezes, kiteboarders are commonly seen along the Victoria beaches on a warm windy day.
If you are visiting Victoria or live there, there are several beaches close by that are available for kiting. Dallas Road Beach (also known as “Kite Beach”) is one of the most popular destinations for intermediate to advanced kiters looking for a quick session before or after work. With its proximity to the city center, even a quick lunch break session could be in your midst.

Something for Everyone.

Still getting comfortable in the water? Willow Beach and Ross Bay are a little more novice friendly and would be a safer start to your independent kiteboarding journey. Once you have developed your skills and experienced many different types of launches and wind conditions many more spots will become available to you such as Island view Beach, Cattle Point, Clover Point, Cook Street and Long Beach located in Pacific rim National Park.
If you are not yet comfortable with the basics of kiteboarding or are just starting your journey as a kiter, traveling a bit further for some proper instruction is a must.

More than just a City with Ocean access.

Nitinat lake, located on the western side of the Island, approximately 3 hours drive from Victoria is a beautiful, secluded lake within the Ditidaht Indian Reserve. This lake is home to a few kite schools as well as some of the best wind on the island. With consistent thermal winds, Nitinat lake is a great place to learn kiteboarding and develop your skills. Learning on your own can be extremely dangerous for yourself and others, take advantage of the experience of a seasoned instructor to learn safely and efficiently on the water. In its secluded area, there is a significant length of gravel road that is driven to get to the campground located on the lake. Make sure to stock up before you leave home as there is only a small convenience store located on site. Its camping environment certainly adds to the enjoyment when you have everything you need on hand.

Only 5hour from Squamish, the Canadian Mecca of Kiteboarding.

Squamish, BC, located on the mainland and about 5-hour trip is also an ideal learning spot. Known as the best kite spot in all of Canada, Squamish translates to “Mother of the Wind”. Most of the wind experienced in Squamish is also a thermally driven wind but due to its microclimate environment, there are many days the wind blows even when the conditions are not ideal for a thermal. As a result, from April to October nearly 90-95% of the time there is wind at some point in the day for kiteboarding. Because of its predictability and consistency, Squamish is a great town to visit for an extended stay from the island to focus on learning to kite amongst the conveniences of a small town. Squamish Watersports, the local kite school in the area, is equipped with all the newest and state of the art equipment and teaching methods as well as the largest and most comfortable inflatable boats for the most efficient progression available on the West Coast. With several accommodation options included some suites available through the Watersports center direction, you are guaranteed to enjoy an amazing trip within your means.