Looking for the BEST summer kiteboarding destination? Look no further than Squamish and Howe Sound!

What conditions do you need for the very best summer kiteboarding? Water, of course, but you also need wind and land to create the ideal kiteboarding destination. And you’ll find each merged quite perfectly here in Squamish and Howe Sound. In fact, on a pretty summer day, you’ll likely see a veritable rainbow of kiteboarders, thrilling and chilling on the water.

Howe Sound enjoys uniquely consistent thermal winds. Daily, we experience beautiful 20-15 knot winds from late morning well into the evening. World-famous, these Squamish winds begin in early April and remain until late October, with May through September being the best for summer kiteboarding.

Howe Sound winds make Squamish the BEST summer kiteboarding destination in North America

The meaning of Squamish is, aptly, ‘mother of wind’ – the significance of wind to the area cannot be understated. It has been part of the landscape, culture, and lifestyle for centuries. The Squamish wind allows us to enjoy the best conditions for kiteboarding, windsurfing, and sailing just about anywhere in the world.

We can also credit the distinctive shape of Howe Sound for the best summer kiteboarding, or any season for that matter. The shape is essentially a bottleneck that funnels the strong and consistent winds into the Sound. Each and every day! Regardless of the kind of weather – sunshine or rain. The wind blows down the valley and is compressed into a tighter area. This, in turn, causes an increase in pressure which helps to accelerate the wind speed as it approaches Squamish. Alternatively, this means that the wind lightens as it moves towards the sea. It’s called the Venturi effect. There is a range of factors that affect the wind consistency and speed in Squamish that all help Squamish BC offer the best summer kiteboarding and kitesurfing.

During the summer, the primary factor that affects the wind is the temperature differences, or gradients, specifically between Vancouver and Lillooet. As the hot air rises and creates negative pressure, the hot air rises, drawing the cold air behind it.

During the morning & evening, we experience ‘outflow’ wind in Squamish. The wind flows out of the valley to the sea because the sea, Vancouver, is hotter than the mountains. As the day warms, typically around 9 to 10 am, the mountains heat up more than the ocean and the wind switches to ‘inflow’, drawing the wind into the valley. The change happens first at Pam Rocks. When kiting in Squamish, we want to see the inflow wind. But, on those days with a strong outflow forecast, Squamish Watersports can offer outflow lessons & downwinder experiences.

The magic of wind and water!

The Howe Sound is a freshwater basin fed by the Squamish River. So, given that the water comes down from the nearby mountains, the water temperatures, even in summer, tend to be cool. Even if the air temperature is warm, most riders wear a 4-5mm full suit in our cooler waters. Throughout the summer, most riders are comfortable in just their wetsuit for hours upon hours. When the weather is colder, riders opt for booties and/or gloves to stay warm and enjoy their time on the water more comfortably.

Because they’re thermally driven and occasionally frontal, the winds through Howe Sound can make forecasting the wind somewhat challenging. Fortunately, with the help of great resources, we are able to predict the conditions pretty closely. You can always CONTACT US to get a more accurate idea of the conditions you can expect for the day ahead.

Your Squamish kiteboarding adventure awaits!

Here in Squamish, BC, you’ll find a unique place where water, land, and wind merge to provide the perfect environment for kiteboarding and kitesurfing! Whether you’re new to the sport or a seasoned rider, Squamish Watersports will make the experience memorable – we know you’ll be back!

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