Knowing how to launch kite safely is really important for all kiteboarders. When kiteboarding, most of the accidents happen when launching and landing a kite. For that reason, you should make sure that you know how to launch kite safely before you go out on your own. Make sure you keep taking lessons until you can safely bring your kite up in the air and safely land it. Here is in four steps how to launch kite safely.


The first step in safely launching your kite is to set up your kite properly. You should get your kite ready and set up your lines downwind of your kite. Once you are ready to go, find an assistant to get to your kite.


When choosing an assistant to help you launch your kite, you should make sure that this person has some basic knowledge about kiteboarding and knows how to launch kite. Your assistant should go grab your kite and put in the the C position.


The next step is for you to get in the right position compared to your kite. You want to start downwind of your kite. The first thing to do when you get to your bar is pick up the chicken loop and connect your safety leash. Then, you want to slowly walk upwind, while always keeping some tension on your 2 center lines. At that point, you can depower your kite if you know your kite is slightly too large for the current wind conditions. Never fully depower your kite as this will have the result of making the steering of the kite non responsive. Continue walking upwind until the kite’s canopy stops luffing and it tight. As soon as the kite stops flapping into the wind, takes it shape and you start feeling the power of it, it means that the kite is at the correct position. Make sure you don’t walk too much upwind as this will bring your kite in the power zone and make it dangerous for you to launch your kite. If you see that your assistant is having a hard time holding your kite because there is too much power in it, it means that your kite is in the powerzone, so walk back downwind until you are at the right position. 


When you are at a good position, double check that all your lines are not tangled before launching your kite and hook your chicken loop into your harness. When you are ready, do a “thumbs up” to your assistant and he should let go of your kite. Slowly bring the kite up, and get into the water! This is how to launch kite safely in 4 steps. Make sure you practice with an experienced instructor before you try it on your own!