Squamish is a perfect destination for all outdoor lovers. You can go kiteboarding, wakeboarding, climbing, hiking, mountain biking, name it all, you can all do it here! Squamish is known mainly for its amazing kiteboarding conditions. In the summer, it’s blowing everyday! Squamish means “Mother of Wind” in native language. Indeed, it is always windy! People travel from far to come kiteboarding at the Squamish spit. Here is more information on the location: the Squamish spit, the conditions and the kiteboarding community.

View of the Squamish Spit from the Stawamus Chief

View of the Squamish Spit from the Stawamus Chief. ? Squamish Water Sports.


Due to the rising popularity of the Squamish Spit, and the environmental nature of the place, we recommend you to follow these guidelines in order to best contribute to the Squamish kiteboarding and kitesurfing community.

  • Pay Attention to people launching and landing kites at the Spit.
  • Keep clear of walkways and the kiteboarding launch zone.
  • Stay clear of beginners and kite school boats.
  • Stay clear of boat traffic.
  • Avoid collisions at all cost on the water and at the Spit.
  • Always look around or shoulder check before turning or jumping.
  • Keep out of the way of other riders.
  • Assist others whenever possible.
  • Stay clear of the downwind traffic, and make sure the downwind area is clear before jumping.
  • Unless launching, do not kite near the Spit launch.
  • Wrap up your lines immediately after landing your kite.
  • Move your kite to the rigging zone and deflate it before putting it in the off-water zone.
  • Have fun and come visit us at Squamish Water Sports to tell us about your latest session and ongoing progress!


The Squamish spit is an awesome place to go kiteboarding! It is perfect for intermediate and advanced rider, but it can be challenging for beginners. The wind blows off shore from the spit, which can be a problem for beginners, but which is awesome for advanced rider as it creates a large area of flat water, perfect for a freestyle session! Another reason why it can be challenging to kite from the spit is that the launching and landing zone is small, full of small pointy rocks and gets crowded. Other than that, the Squamish spit is amazing!


The reason why Squamish is so popular and known all around the world is because the wind conditions are amazing everyday throughout the summer. Indeed, Squamish gets thermal wind everyday. A classic Squamish day would be an average of 20 knots, gusting 22 knots. It doesn’t get any better anywhere else in the world!


There are so many kiteboarders in Squamish, and all of them are so friendly! Whenever you go for a kiteboarding session at the spit, the vibe is super nice! Everyone is so stoked to be there, you will make new kiteboarding buddies in no time!