Squamish, BC is Canada’s #1 spot for kiteboarding bringing strong and very consistent wind throughout the whole summer. Average wind speeds are between 20-25 knots with kite sizes ranging between 7-12m. The wind can sometimes be light so it’s good to bring all your kite sizes! The water conditions are flat-choppy and are best suited to a twin tip board, foil or directional.
Aerial Kiteboarding is your one stop shop Squamish Kite School. From lessons to rentals to gear sales to repair we have it all!
All lessons from Aerial Kiteboarding Squamish kite school are boat supervised. This is the best, safest and more progressive way to learn kiteboarding. If you are a beginner, you will first learn to fly the kite from the boat. This way you have a chance to learn how the kite flies before it ever pulls you. Once you feel confident flying the kite you will be attached to it and go in the water to practice body dragging. From here you will learn how to create power and then try to ride on the board! The whole time your instructor will be right behind you giving you instructions and making sure you are safe.
Have no fear, your Squamish Kite School is here! If you have gear that breaks bring it by the shop to have it repaired. We do all repairs including canopy rips, bladder repairs, bar line checks, board repairs, wetsuit repairs and more! We know how much it sucks to not be able to get out on the water when your gear is broken, so while your gear is in for repair we will give you a free rental.
If you are coming from out of town or you simply forgot something at home, come by the shop and pick up a rental. Rentals include all gear: wetsuit, booties, 2 kites, bar, board, harness and leash. Rentals are available from our downtown Squamish kite school or from the Spit. If you are hoping to pick up gear from the Spit, make sure to give us a call ahead of time to make sure there is someone there to give you the gear.
Our kite shop in downtown Squamish offers gear sales. Everything you need to get out for a session is available at the shop. Come by to check it out and to talk to one of our experts about the new gear we have in.
Make sure to stop by our Squamish kite school to say hi! Our hot shower and hot tub facilities are available for all students and clients to use as they want. We look forward to having you!