Memories to last a lifetime. Summer in Squamish offers endless adventure – outdoor experiences for everyone!

Self-proclaimed as the ‘outdoor recreation capital of Canada’, Squamish, British Columbia, is known near and far for the variety of incredible outdoor experiences to be had, no matter the season.

Summer in Squamish — the opportunities are truly endless!

Only 50 minutes by car to downtown Vancouver, Squamish is a veritable paradise for those who love the outdoors. Aptly named in the New York Times Top 52 Places To Visit series, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy this stunning corner of the West Coast.

With so much to do, we figured we’d narrow it down to the top three – those activities considered to be an ABSOLUTE MUST when you venture out of the city and north into this supernatural playground.
Saving some of the most fun for last, let’s get to the list of musts for your summer in Squamish:

#3. Rock climbing

Squamish Rock Climbing

Scenically situated at the end of one of the deepest fjords on the Pacific coast, the area’s abundant terrain attracts climbers from all corners of the world.

Considered a mecca in Canada’s rock climbing scene, the rock bluffs and cliffs overlooking breathtaking Howe Sound offer some of the most dramatic yet accessible rock climbing anywhere.

What’s most distinctive about the climbing in Squamish is how easy it is to access the world-class climbing — within only a five-minute walk to a ten-minute drive from downtown Squamish!

Given the easy availability of crags, it makes sense that there would be a vibrant and supportive climbing community in town. Explore lessons, guided climbs, terrific local guide books, and various other resources to help you get you equipped and started.

Whether you’re new to climbing in Squamish or climbing in general, you can find just about everything you need to enjoy among the very best climbing in the world, boasting some of the easiest access to thousands of climbing routes.

#2. Hiking and mountain biking

Squamish Hiking and Mounatin Biking

What makes Squamish so distinctly fabulous for hiking and mountain biking is a trail system that is the envy of the rest of the world. The network of trails is enjoyed by everyone from walkers and hikers to horseback riders, dirt bikers, and mountain bikers.

Countless volunteer hours and support help keep the existing trails exceptionally maintained, as new ones are constructed and added to the web.

For hikers, we challenge you not to fall in love with the trails around Squamish! Any one of the vast numbers of hiking trails can take you by foot through ancient rainforests, across seemingly boundless alpine terrain, along rivers and to the shores of stunning mountain lakes.

Hiking Squamish and surrounding area offer an entire host of trails to choose from, ranging in length and difficulty. So whether you’d like a light walk to view the scenic Squamish waterfront, an easy and peaceful hike in and around the town, or a more challenging hike through the nearby provincial parks, there is something for everyone and any skill level or ability.

Choose from shorter half-day trips to the ultimate multi-day backpacking adventure, all within easy access – only about 10 minutes!

If you’re a mountain biker, there’s nothing like the variety you’ll find in and around Squamish! Downhill, cross country, free ride — endlessly satisfying, if not genuinely endless, the single track welcomes you! Squamish offers among the very best mountain biking terrain in Canada.

With over 300 kilometers of single track, ranging from gentle cruises to friendly cross country trails to incredible downhill descents, Mountain Bike Magazine named Squamish as one of the “top 25 wildest and most exotic places to ride in the world”.

No matter your mountain biking skills, there’s chills and thrills or just simple fun galore in this neck of the woods.

#1. Water Sports

Squamish Watersports

Given its proximity to such an abundance of water and waterways, that water sports top the list of things to do in Squamish is a total no-brainer!

Canadian summers can seem short, but here on the West Coast, there’s plenty of time to enjoy the very best in water sport activities available in Squamish. The rushing rivers and crystal clear mountain lakes perched beautifully above the tip of Howe Sound fjord provides a diverse combination of tranquil, fun, and thrilling water adventures.

Choose your paddle adventure! Whether it’s a relaxing float or a ride over gentle rapids, Squamish is uniquely positioned to offer all manner of paddle experiences. Paddle the marine trail through coastal islands equipped with camp spots. Explore one of the many calm and beautiful mountain lakes or the expansive estuary with tidal channels inviting you to discover them. Rent stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, and canoes or book a guided tour with a local expert who can take you to the very best paddling spots.

With our abundant rivers, your whitewater rafting adventure begins in Squamish! Epic canyons, breathtaking mountain views, and waterfalls cascading over towering rock walls. Go family-friendly or embrace the thrill of class 3/4 rapids – it’s up to you!

Summer in Squamish is increasingly well-known for kiteboarding – making the most of the summer breezes! Known as the Squamish Spit, this is a rare place where water and wind converge to create ideal kitesurfing conditions. A warm, breezy day invites kiters to harness the power of the wind to traverse Howe Sound. While challenging to master, it’s easy to learn the basics – private kiteboarding lessons can help accelerate your progress.

A unique water basin where salt and fresh water meet, the Howe Sound is the perfect setting for a relaxed boat tour to enjoy incredible sightseeing, including wildlife viewing. Throughout the summer season, the wildlife arrives in waves as they come to enjoy the sound. Watch otters, seals, dolphins, whales and more!

There’s a ton to experience and enjoy when you join us for summer in Squamish! We invite you to come and explore Squamish and choose the adventure you’ve been dreaming about!