Have you ever came to the beach, pumped up you kite, you were all ready to go, and then you realise that you forgot your harness? When going kiteboarding, you need so much kiteboarding equipment that it is easy to forget something. A trick to make sure that you have everything is to make sure that you have the 5 essentials. If you have those 5 pieces of kiteboarding equipment, you can go for a session for sure!
Obviously, you are going to need a kite to go kiteboarding. The easiest way to make sure that you have the right kite size for the wind is to bring multiple size kites, so that if the wind changes you can still go out.
Your pump is essential to set up your kiteboarding equipment. Usually, if you go to a kite spot, there should be plenty of pump around. So if ever you forget yours, no big deal, you should be able to borrow one.

Make sure you don’t forget your bar! A good trick is to leave it in your kite bag, so that it is easier not to forget it.
You are going to need a board if you want to go riding. Without it, you can still go out for a body dragging session… but really, don’t forget it !
Your harness is one really important not to forget! Going for a unhooked session without a harness would be pretty extreme… make sure you leave it close to your kiteboarding equipment so that you won’t forget it!
And of course, you are going to need some extra gear, like a wetsuit if it is cold water, some booties, some sunscreen, snacks, water, etc. But the 5 essential for you to be able to go kiteboarding are: a kite, a pump, a bar, a boar and a harness!