Have you ever had the chance to go kite surfing Canada? The country is so huge, so you can imagine how many great kiteboarding spot there are! You can find something for everyone: big lagoons of flat and shallow water, big lakes of flat water, amazing downwiders and even some great wave spots. Here are some of my best spot to go kite surfing Canada!
There is nothing that can beat Squamish to go kite surfing Canada! Squamish means “mother of wind” in native language, no wonder why it is always windy! In the summer, Squamish has thermal wind everyday. When it is sunny, it is windy! A classic Squamish days means 23 knots lull, 24 knots average, and 25 knots gust. Can you think of something better than that? I don’t think so! Enjoy what we call the “honey hole”, the best spot of flat water downwind of the spit. In Squamish, we even get some small waves in the river at low tide!

If you plan to go kite surfing Canada, you should really consider going to the Magdalen Islands, in Quebec. The different Islands are connected with sand dunes, for a total of 90 km. There are many different lagoons, of flat water, either deep or shallow. Also, there are many different waves spots. A unique thing to the Magdalen Islands is the amazing downwinders that you can do! There are so many of them, for all wind directions, in lagoons or in the sea. The Magdalen Islands receive wind all year long, but the kite season is during the summer as it gets cold in the winter. This is a must if you plan on going kite surfing Canada!
Prince Edward Island also has a lot of great spot for kiteboarding. Similar to the Magdalen Islands, you will find many different lagoons of flat water, with deep as well as shallow water. There are also many great waves spot, and opportunity for amazing downwinders!