There are so many amazing hikes Squamish that it can be hard to choose which one to do! Here is a list of some of my favourite hikes Squamish based on difficulty.
Short hikes already lead to beautiful views over the Squamish Valley


Murrin Park: Murrin Park Loop trail is one of my favourite easy hikes Squamish. The hike starts from the parking lot just off Highway 99 and does a loop which passes by an amazing view point that looks over the Howe Sound. If you are looking to get an amazing view without having to hike the dreaded chief than this hike is for you. I like to call it the “Mini Chief”. It does have a short and steep uphill but anyone can do it taking it slow and easy.

Four Lakes Trail: This trail is another great easy hike. This 6km loop has a few ups and downs but nothing major. It begins at Alice Lake and continues past Edith Lake, Fawn Lake and Stump Lake before returning back to where it started. This is a kid friendly trail and great for running, walking the dog or just going for an afternoon walk. Edith Lake is a great swimming lake along with Alice Lake but since it takes a short hike to reach Edith Lake, there are much less people there.


The Chief: The Chief is one of the most popular hikes Squamish and for a good reason. There are three peaks to choose from ranging in altitudes. The first two look over the Howe Sound and Squamish and the third looks over the back side. The elevation gain is about 480m depending on which peak you go to and how many peaks you choose to summit. I would suggest doing peak 2+3 as they are connected in a loop trail. After peak 1 you would need to go halfway down and back up to reach 2 or 3. Since 1+2 have a very similar view it doesn’t make sense to do both. Peak 2 is the nicest.
High Falls: This is one of the more secret hikes Squamish. It is located deep in the Squamish Valley with magnificent views over the Squamish River and Valley below. The hike starts off very steep as it follows up the rocky cliffs next to high falls. You will get views of the falls on the way up as you walk right next to the edge. A thrilling and challenging hike and one of my favourite hikes Squamish.


Echo Lake Hike: This is a more difficult trail but worth every minute! This hike starts easy and suddenly starts going almost straight up right next to an incredible waterfall. The falls are steep and pool in places where it is possible to swim and cliff jump- best in the fall when there is less water flowing. The water also carves amazing shapes in the rock, mesmerizing to watch as you follow next to it. You can follow the trail 6km with 888m elevation gain to Echo Lake. You can choose to spend the night camping or go out and back in the same day. This is by far one of the best, difficult hikes Squamish.
There are many, many more hikes Squamish, some easier and many harder than the ones mentioned above. All Trails is a great app for finding trails and their difficulty as well as length and elevation gain. Happy hiking!