Kiteboarding Squamish is THE BEST and we are going to tell you why! From the insanely consistent wind to the absolutely breathtaking views, you will never want to kite anywhere else ever again!!!


Let’s talk about the wind! The wind in Squamish is unbelievable!! In the summer there is wind almost every day like clock work. It normally picks up around 11am and stays windy the rest of the day. You can even get a session in after work and that’s what make kiteboarding Squamish so great. 

The wind is thermal so when it’s sunny over the summer (and usually even when it’s not) you can expect wind. When it blows it generally blows between 20-28 knots so small kites are definitely needed. On lighter wind days you can go foiling or ride a surf board. 


If nobody has ever told you about Squamish low tide then I’m about to blow your mind!!! When the tide is low the conditions are absolutely epic! The Squamish River joins the Howe Sound right beside the Spit. When the tide is out the river is flowing extremely fast in the opposite direction- so fast that you can ride directly downwind in the river and still be going upwind!!!

Because the river pushes in the opposite direction as the wind, you can add the two speeds together to get the actual speed of the wind and that is a massive number!! You will see people boosting HUGE in the river at low tide and this make kiteboarding Squamish EPIC!


You are surrounded by snow capped mountains, the Squamish estuary and the ocean, what more could you ever ask for!!! You will be kiting with seals, salmon, dolphins and if you’re lucky, orcas… yes even orcas!!!

There are so many great things about kiteboarding Squamish I can’t even write them all down. But to add to the list, the people are awesome, the water is flat (usually), the beer is good and the town is unforgettable. Plan your trip for kiteboarding Squamish now, you won’t regret it!!