Squamish Watersports/Aerial Kiteboarding is your one stop shop for Squamish kiteboarding lessons. With top of the line gear, world class instructors and boat supervision topped off with hot showers and a hot tub for after your lesson, you don’t have to look anywhere else! I took my lessons in the Dominican Republic and have taught kitesurfing in many other places in the world and Squamish kiteboarding lessons are by far the best I have ever experienced.

Let me first tell you about my experience in the Dominican Republic…

My first time holding a kite was on an insanely crowded section of Kite Beach Cabarete and I was terrified! My instructor was holding my harness giving me directions while I was having a silent freak-out that I would crash my kite into one of the 10 million other kites around me or the tree to my left. After an hour or so on the beach we went in the water, again avoiding 10 million other kiters boosting huge jumps and not seeming to care that I had no idea what I was doing. 

Later on I was left in the water while my instructor walked along the beach.

I was slowly making my way further and further from the beach unsure of how I would make my way back again. I remember crashing my kite on the water being pulled out to sea and my instructor swimming full speed after me with no chance of catching me. Eventually I made it back to the beach exhausted and exhilarated. Over the next few days I managed to get up and ride on the board just merely avoiding the other riders on the water. 

My experience was amazing but also stressful and terrifying at times. The warm waters were amazing, the instructor was great and the whole trip was unforgettable, but I wish I had done Squamish kiteboarding lessons first. Squamish kiteboarding lessons make the whole experience easy, smooth and comfortable. Instead of learning the fly the kite on a busy beach, you will learn with the kite hooked into a boat far from any other people. The allows you to learn kite flying skills without the fear of being pulled. Once you have good flying skills you get to go in the water with the kite hooked to you- again far from other people and with your instructor just feet behind you in a boat. If anything goes wrong the instructor is right there with you. 

With Squamish kiteboarding lessons you kite more for your money as you can have instruction through your whole progression.

When I learned, I spent half the time in the water by myself with my instructor on the beach with no way to communicate with me.
There are not many other places in the world who provide such a unique and high quality way of teaching. I have taught in South Africa, Thailand and Australia and Squamish is by far the best, even if the water is cold!!