The exciting adventure of gift-giving continues! This Holiday Season gift your beloved adrenaline junkie a winter rush – snow-kiting in BC!

If you are wondering what to give the adventure and adrenaline junkie who has everything – maybe it’s time to think out of the box. Snow-kiting in BC!

If you know someone who’s always up for a thrill, consider gifting some serious winter fun – incredible and exciting snow-kiting in BC. Snow-kiting is an exhilarating ride on the, you guessed it, snow. A combination of kiteboarding skills and snow-covered mountains, bowls, lakes or fields, snow-kiting is gaining in popularity alongside its summer counterpart. And, like kitesurfing, with the proper instruction, it’s not that hard to get up and rolling – or boarding.

Snow-kiting is distinct from other winter alpine sports in that the kite allows the snow-kiter to travel up and downhill no matter the wind direction. As it becomes more popular, the sport is getting more and more diverse. Winter adventurers use their kites to travel further distances and expert enthusiasts push the boundaries of speed, freestyle, big air, and backcountry touring.

The West Coast – some of the best snow-kiting in BC

Canada is considered a popular destination for snow-kiting. Popular snow-kiting terrain includes frozen lakes, but more and more, adventurers are looking up, up, up into the mountains for the best in snow and wind.

Around Whistler, BC is among Canada’s pre-eminent snow-kiting locations. It’s often windy in the winter and the number of places available to learn the sport, build skills, and establish mastery seems almost endless. Between frozen lakes and the breathtaking backcountry, accessed on touring skis or by snowmobile, the choice of terrain is simply spectacular.

With good winds and big kites, experienced snow-kiters can enjoy some seriously big air where they can perform amazing aerobatics. The snow-kiting speed record is a whopping 118 Km/h (73.5 mph)! But, before you can fly… you have to slide. Take a lesson!

Give the gift of kiteboarding lessons!

Give the gift of amazing outdoor excitement and adventure!

We invite you to give your favourite powder hound an incredible day they’ll never forget. Give them the gift of snow-kiting lessons. Our courses can be tailored for every level of experience, from beginners to those wanting to refine their more advanced skills.

For our beginner and intermediate riders, we offer terrain that’s flat and easy to access – locations appropriate for the rider’s level of skill and experience. For the more advanced riders, we offer phenomenal 3-dimensional terrain where they can literally explore new heights! More experienced riders enjoy beautiful views with consistently blowing winds as they learn at the top of the mountain.

No matter how skilled the snow-kiter, we will provide a day unlike anything they’ve ever experienced. And rest assured, your gift is safe and well-designed. We want all of our riders to leave exhilarated and wanting more! Our trips require significant planning and the right conditions so our experienced and expert instructors know where to take your loved one for the very best day out on the mountain.

We create a one of a kind experience, tailored to the participant’s needs and desires. We introduce our participants to the sport and all that it entails to do it safely, which includes learning about safe weather and snow conditions. From an introduction to using a kite to developing kiting skills to advanced riding techniques, we’ve got every rider covered.

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