Planning your watersport adventure for next summer? Squamish Watersports aerial kiteboarding in Vancouver is the BEST – our reviews prove it!

Without question, and pretty unanimously among enthusiasts, Squamish is one of the VERY BEST kiteboarding locales in North America. And when you’re looking for an aerial kiteboarding Vancouver experience, Squamish Watersports is your premier destination.

The consistent thermal winds that blow through scenic, freshwater Howe Sound provide us with a daily dose of perfect 20-25 knot winds. They typically kick up late morning and last into the evening. Expect these famed Squamish winds to begin early in the spring (early April) and not to subside until late October. The optimum months tend to range from May through September each year.

And we’ve got your experience – the best aerial kiteboarding in Vancouver – covered! New to the sport? Or are you a seasoned boarder? We can provide lessons for the whole family and all skill levels. As part of your adventure, we’ll provide all the necessary equipment so you enjoy the safest, most gratifying adventure on the water.

Squamish Watersports and our aerial kiteboarding – 5-star reviews!

Harness the wind! We guarantee a simply exhilarating adventure!  But, don’t take our word for it. Squamish Watersports is among the highest reviewed companies with over 350 5-star reviews across both Google and TripAdvisor.

For example:

Trevor Cross
Squamish Watersports has really made my summer this year with the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of traveling, I spent my time this summer out on the water with their wonderful instructors learning how to kiteboard.

The first time I went out with them, Jared took me for their crash course lesson. He was friendly, affable and a great motivator and coach throughout the lesson. The first lesson involved getting acquainted with the basics of the kite, the wind, the wind window, and how to fly the kite. Once those were covered, you get straight into the water, and you get to try some kiting moves while body dragging. The first time I did a “power stroke” in water, it was exhilarating and I was hooked. I immediately booked 6 hours of lessons through the package program they have.

… They make sure that you are safe and secure with what you are doing while helping you push the boundaries and learn new skills. The first time I got some good rides in, they took videos so I can show my friends and show me what I should be doing to do better…

If you were ever curious about windsports or watersports, and you are in the Lower Mainland or Squamish Area, you should really hit these guys up. It can change your life and give you a new hobby! It sure did for me.

(P.S. If you’ve never done a board sport in your life, get a wakeboarding lesson with Will. He got me up on my second try!)

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Dan Davie
“Awesome lesson! I had an awesome time with Aerial Kitesurfing! I had done some kiting a long time ago and was looking to get back into it and the team were really helpful. They gave me lots of different lesson options and were more than happy to answer my many questions. We had Dan as our instructor and he was awesome. I went with a friend of mine who was a beginner and we learned all the skill and theory we needed to but did so on the water which was way more proactive than the way I was taught in the past! Highly recommend grabbing a lesson with these guys.

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